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Ysabelle Saenz

Alpha Gamma

Hello my name is Ysabelle Saenz, but everyone calls me ysa ^-^ I am a freshman majoring in university studies with a concentration in society, ethics & law with a minor is philosophy and leadership. I crossed Fall 21’ Alpha Gamma Class and I am currently our chapter's National Ambassador & academic chair. During Spring 22’, I held Rush & Service Chair. I hope to become a lawyer and work for the FBI later in life. Sigmas has been one of the most influential organizations in my life and has shaped me as a person. I have made life long friendships in which I consider them my second family. I have had the opportunity to network professionally and learn more about my work ethic that has equipped me to be successful in the future. I love Sigmas so much and am forever grateful for this organization <3

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Ysabelle Saenz
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