frequently asked questions

q. What is rushing?

Rushing means attending our social events throughout rush week. No need to commit, just come out and get to know our sisters and connect with new people!

q. How much does it cost to rush?

All the events we host, during rush week, are free from cost and rides will be provided!

q. how will i balance school work and the sorority?

Sigma Phi Omega values academic excellence and prioritizes each of our sisters' education.You will also have us to provide you with any assistance on your classes. We offer multiple resources to assist you on your homework and exams. Joining a sorority requires time management, but you won't be alone as long as your sisters are with you!

q. When is Rush Week?

Rush week happens after the first week of school starts. This Fall  2020 semester's rush week is from September 6-10th.

Q. what is a bid and how do i get one?

A bid is an invitation to join our everlasting sisterhood. To qualify for a bid, you must attend at least 2 rush events, complete an application and be conducted for an interview.

q. What are the benefits i can gain by joining sigmas?

Joining Sigma Phi Omega will provide you a variety of benefits within your time in college and onwards.Not only will you discover a lifelong sisterhood. but also develop leadership, social, learning and networking skills

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